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Totally Stealth PC Monitoring!
Wiretap Professional is the most powerful and complete PC surveillance and monitoring software you can buy!
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Capture and Record all Keystrokes, Incoming & Outgoing Email, Instant Messages, Web Sites Visited and More!
No software is more powerful, period!


Screen Snapshots
Capture images of all desktop activity! You’ll be able to see exactly what the user sees with amazing detail!

Clipboard Logger
Records all clipboard activity, see all text that was copy & pasted!

Key Stroke Logger
Records every single character the user types! Easily see what was typed into documents, emails or any web browser!

Password Logger
Captures all Windows passwords. Reveal what’s behind the “****” hidden password fields!

Windows Viewed Log
Records all window’s viewed so you have a complete record of which windows were viewed and when!

Applications Log
Records and logs every programs/application the user has launched!

Documents Accessed Log
Records all types of documents the user has opened including .JPG and other picture files!

Folders Browsed Log
Records exactly which folders the user has opened on the PC.

Web Sites Visited Log
Captures all web site address! See exactly where the user has been surfing!

Instant Messenger Capture
Captures BOTH sides of the conversation in all popular IM’s including: AOL/AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and IRC!

Email Capture
Captures and records all incoming and outgoing email traffic! This is the ONLY product on the market that can capture complete email messages!

Powerful Filters
Allow you to prevent users from accessing specific websites or even run applications!

Optional Warning/Notification
Wiretap also offers the ability to warn or notify users of monitoring if you desire to comply with your company's privacy policies. You decide whether to operate with notification or in total stealth!

Where can I use Wiretap Pro?

In the work place:

  • Monitor employee activity on office computers!
  • Prevent theft of valuable company data!
  • Document illegal or unethical activity by using Wiretap’s log files!
  • Detect unwanted activity before it becomes a problem or liability!
  • Enforce existing company policies and rules!
  • Insure your company's IT integrity by using Wiretap as a preventative tool!

At home:

  • Keep track of your children’s activity! See exactly where they go on the web!
  • Instant Message monitoring and Email Sniffing allows you to stay on top of who your child is communicating with! Keep them safe from predators who take advantage of children!
  • Keep tabs on a untrustworthy spouse! Got an inkling something is up? Now you can be sure!
  • Watch and track what roommates and others who have access to your PC do while you're away!
  • Log your own activities and communications for your own reference!
  • Logs are often invaluable when trying to remember important details about your PC activity!

Plus: Includes Remote Monitoring!
Wiretap Pro also has the ability to automatically email all logs, at scheduled intervals, to any email address you choose! This allows you to monitor the PC remotely from virtually anywhere in the world!

What our customers are saying:
"Amazing!" -M. Berg, Germany

"...grabbed everything I needed. I especially liked the email capturing feature..." -B. Knowlton, USA

"After trying 2 competing products, I finally found one that works!" -E. Gaytan, USA

"....thanks for the great customer support!" -J. Ibardolasa, USA

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