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Keylogger Software F.A.Q.

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is software program that is designed to capture all the keys a user types on his or her keyboard.

How do keylogger's work?

Keylogger's work by "hooking" into the operating system. They do this using sophisticated programming methods. Once hooked in, the keylogger software can intercept all the keystrokes a user types. The keylogger software can then save these keystrokes to a log file for later review by the machine's owner, administrator, or law enforcement.

Who is using keyloggers?

Keyloggers are used by a variety of people including: law enforcement, employers, and parents. Anywhere PC or internet activity needs to be monitored, keyloggers often play a prominent role. Their ability to show and playback what a user types allows them to capture not only email and chat conversations, but also logins and passwords by bypassing normal security mechanisms.

What to look for in keylogger software

Are all keylogger's created equal? In a word, no. Because their function is to covertly monitor and record keystrokes, keyloggers must employ various methods of concealment. It is usually in this area that many keyloggers fall short. When selecting a keylogger, stealth is extremely important. It is crucial your keylogger software is invisible to the user in every way. This includes hiding itself from the operating itself so it is not visible in the Windows Task Manager Processes List.


As with any type of security device, keylogger software is open to misuse. You should only use keylogger software if you are the owner of the PC. You should also check with your local laws to make sure you are in full compliance with any privacy issues. Once you have determined you are within your legal rights to monitor a PC, think of a keylogger as only a part of the overall plan. While highly effective by themselves, it is recommended you find a more comprehensive internet monitoring product that will include a keylogger and other functionality as well.

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