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Get Paid 50% For Every Sale

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Welcome! We have one of the most generous affiliate programs in the software industry. You keep 50% of the net profit on every sale!

How does it work?
Our products are sold via direct download. This means, after a customer buys one of our products, he will receive a download link and registration code via email.

You may sell our product two ways:

Option 1 - Use a "Buy Now" link.
You may promote the product on your web page with any graphics, flash demos, etc. that you wish. Simply direct the user to the buy link with your affiliate code embedded to make a sale. The third party payment processor will accept payment and process the sale. Your embedded code will let the payment processing company know that it was you who generated the sale and give you credit.

Option 2 - Offer a Trial Version.
Offer a free trial version which will in turn give you credit when the user decides to register. We host the trial version for you on our servers so you don't have to worry about bandwidth. When the user downloads the trial, a cookie is placed on his PC with your embedded affiliate code. When he decides to buy, you get credit for the sale.

How do I get paid?
Registrations are processed by SWREG. Since SWREG is an independant company owned by Digital River, Inc., you are assured of accurate record keeping. You will also be able to check your sales at anytime by logging on to SWREG..

Each month we will do the accounting and pay you directly from the registration company via check or wire transfer. If you do not sell more than $50 worth in a month there will be a small fee for the check. Funds are available after the 15th day of the beginning of each month.

Why so generous? 50% is a lot!
Why? Because this will hopefully motivate our affiliates to work harder in their marketing. We have been in affiliate programs ourselves and making a few cents per sale just doesn’t cut it. To us, time is valuable and wasting marketing efforts for very little in return is not our idea of good business. We think many other people feel the same way.

Can I track my stats?
Yes, you can! We have an excellent tracking program setup which will allow you to see, at a glance, the following info:
1. Number of downloads you have generated.
2. Number of "buy now" clicks you have generated.
3. Number of processed and completed sales you have generated.

In addition, the independant billing company will also offer sales reports of completed sales for your records.

Who can sign up and how?
Signing up is easy, and anyone can do it! Simply fill out the form below and you’re on your way. You will receive a confirmation email and be ready to sell in minutes!

Anything else I should know about?
Yes, do not allow spamming. You may not spam (unsolicited emailing) to promote any of our products. Anyone caught doing so will forfeit their sales. There are no exceptions. We have rules we must follow from our hosting company and will not risk being blacklisted for anyone. Please act responsibly. Note: Opt-In email lists are OK.

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Affiliate Application Form

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Please enter a username (6-10 chars). This is how you will be identified in our system. You will use this username to lookup your sales at the billing company and it will also appear in the "buy" URL you receive.

Do not use any special characters.
Only "A-Z", "a-z" and "0-9" regular alphanumeric characters are allowed.
Please enter a password (6-10 chars).
Please re-type your password.
Please enter the exact website URL(s) of where you plan to advertise our software. Please be specific (e.g.
What type of site is it?

Please be patient after pressing Submit.

It may take a few moments to process this form.



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